Awesome Discoveries of the Millennium

The 21st century is hardly two decades old yet in this very short time great scientific discoveries and breakthroughs have already been witnessed. Researchers have been busy and the results of their hard have been nothing short of astounding. Thanks to new discoveries and breakthroughs, diseases that have troubled humanity for centuries might soon get a cure. Moreover, some discoveries will help end centuries of doubt and speculation. So, what are the greatest discoveries of the century so far?

Confirmation that Mars might be habitable
Man has always been fascinated by Mars. The planet’s close proximity to earth has certainly played a role in creating this fascination and man has always dreamed of sending an exploration team here.

In 2008, a great discovery was made when NASA sent the Phoenix to Mars with the express purpose of finding out whether water can be found on Mars. It was discovered that Mars actually has iced water and, while Martian climate might not be hospitable to man, the presence of water increases the possibility of it supporting life.

Discovery of a cure for HIV
HIV/AIDS has troubled scientists for decades with the search for a cure being sought without success. A breakthrough came when German doctor, Gero Heutter, succeeded in curing a person who suffered from both HIV and leukemia.

Scientists have always known that there are people who are completely resistant to HIV and have been wondering how that resistance could be transferred to other people. Heutter tried to solve this problem by transplanting the bone marrow of a resistant man to the patient who suffered both HIV and leukemia. The result? Both diseases were cured!

Astounding and groundbreaking as this cure was, it might however not get widespread usage. Before curing the sick person through a bone marrow transplant the doctor had to use radiation and drugs to kill the patient’s immune system and this is what might discourage the use of bone marrow treatment. However, this treatment opens up great doors of opportunity. Scientists have since discovered that rather than transfer bone marrow it is might be possible to transfer the immunity of resistant people to the sick through gene editing and this is what they are currently working on.

There are many other great discoveries that have been made in the millennium including the mapping of the entire human genome in 2003. New discoveries keep the hope alive that we might not be too far away from getting a cure for cancer and HIV.

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