Vision and Science

April 1, 2016

There have been arguments in science about vision verses blindness. Some people portray things differently when viewing something verses not being able to see at all. Other’s claim the blind can absorb more information not being distracted by seeing. It makes you wonder if you blind folded yourself and then studied for a test would you do better. If someone was to read the lesson to you? How about this example. What if you blacked out all the windows in your house where you could barely see, then listened to a video to study? Or let’s say you took a different path. For instance I just had my windows cleaned, by the way if you’ve never paid for this you should try it once. I use a Spokane Window Cleaning Company called A Pane in the Glass. They’re awesome check them out on Facebook. Anyways, let’s try this experiment. Cover your windows completely with mud, then listen to the study material. Take the test and let me know how you did. Then the second part of the experiment will be to clean the windows letting the most sunlight shine in, and listen to another video before taking the test. To get the best results from this test we need to ensure there aren’t any chemicals in the formula used to clean the windows. I’d suggest learning what they use when cleaning windows or cleaning them yourself.

After you have taken both tests, compare the results. If you test out better when there was little sunshine, then you may want to board up your windows every time you study for an exam. Or I guess you could simply where one of those things people use to sleep during the day. You could also just go into a room with no windows, turn off the light and close the door. Whatever you decide, let me know how the tests go. Come join us for the next meet-up. Next week we are going to talk about how the earth spins.

On a side note does anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend.  We are going to spend Saturday with the kids, then my sister is going to babysit Saturday night.  I’m thinking dinner and a movie sounds good.  Anyone know of what’s playing and good?   Sunday we will go to church in the morning then probably meet sis and the kids for lunch at our favorite brunch.